Creative direction + art direction + COPYWRITING
I was hired at the Sierra Club as the creative lead to focus half of my time on their biggest advocacy campaign: Beyond Coal. I developed this ad campaign to run in the DC Metro area, where the politicians — and their assistants that we were trying to influence — passed through each day. We highlighted the different communities of the kids who were most harmed by polluting power-plant smoke by putting names to the faces of children who were getting childhood asthma from living under the coal-burning pollution. The campaign was used as a Metro station takeover at the main train stop across from the Capitol Building. This campaign lasted for multiple years on bus shelters, billboards, and at airport luggage carousels across the country as well as the DC Metro launch.

When I started on the Beyond Coal campaign we had closed 92 coal burning power plants. When I left the campaign we had closed over 370 of the nation’s 500 polluting plants. 

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